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New piece of software - The Forum Register

I have just finished working on my new tool - The Forum Register.

Really it's a forum register - list of 5000 working PHPbb forums, and a forum registerer - tool that automatically sings up to those 5000 forums.

As you know - registering on a PHPbb forum gives you a backlink - like this one. It's a legitimate, decent backlink.

So... what would YOU say for getting 500 forum profiles with a link pointing to your site, for a mere 99$?

As you probably noticed I'm not that kind of internet marketer that would write a 10-pages sales letter, with "user testimonials", and so on. I just wrote a brilliant piece of code ;-) and want to offer u a fair deal. 500 profiles on forums and a tool to change "my website's url" on those profiles anytime you want. Of course if you want I can give you more profiles, but as it takes some time to type captchas by my captchaman, I prefer to sell it in 500-blocks (so more ppl can enjoy it ;-))

interested? just write me an email to kayakto - @ - gmail.com

note: It's not really spamming - I'm not talking about spamming those forums - I'm talking about registering there - not posting anything, only registering.

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is it 500 forums or 5000? you mentioned both in your post

i have 5000 forums - but I'm talking about selling 500 profiles. If u want profiles on all 5000 forums, no problem, the price will be higher but not 10*99$ of course

I've linked to your site from a .EU domain (blogging about this software). SEOMAN.EU - Feel free to chuck me a copy if your feeling generous :)

nice....visit my blog if u get a chance.im giving stuff out for free

hey Sunny, i think you need more links to your site ;-))

What kind of traffic would this generally yeild... even from a conservative standpoint?

I didn't think about it - it's supposed to promote your site in search engines, not bring visitors.

Spamming forums would probably bring traffic, but this... i wouldn't count on it really

It sounds interesting but i wonder how are search engienes gonig to find those profiles if those automatically generated forum users never get active?

Hmm, sounds interesting. But I am quite skeptic search engines usually don't crawl through the forum's memberlist. Neither does the most user; they don't look up a person's profile who hasn't posted even a single thing. Let me know if anybody really goes with this offer.

well just check this link - http://www.google.pl/search?&q=%22onlinemarketingreport.blogspot.com%22+phpbb

3 days after making 500 profiles for myself, 13 are already in google.

And - as Im selling profiles already set, you get already-indexed profiles.

Coz it works this way - i have already set up like 7000 profiles, and they are waiting for you ;-)

I would pay 0. I already wrote such a script myself in PHP.

It sound good, but my question would be the quality of those forums, and what quantity of traffic it might generate. But $99 sounds like a good price.

Curious whether you are you actively seeking links from all these domains?

Or are you hoping they find you?

For instance... I just came across your site, thought it was a great idea, and so offer you a .ca backlink from my PR 5 seo contest site...


That was easy :)

Michael V

Seems this may work for a moment, but if it becomes used by many folks for the sole purpose of improving rank, the search engines will soon trap for it, and render it useless. This would be certainly less than Pure White on the white - black hat scale.

But while you are higher in the ranks, you might generate some actual links of value, and then, even when the engines remove the "Profile Links", those more valuable links may be left behind. Still - seems a bit of a short lived trick.

ou want a backlink from .it ? Just contact me... ;)

Nice try, and you enter to 100 Technorati Popular blogs. Is technorati will ban you, later?

Let's see...

Your mentioned Link is deadf!

Spamming whore... it IS spam, us forum operators don't want your junk registrations detracting from our sites. F**K OFF!

gud trick

completely with you agree



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Is great post..

saw something similar at this site
www.belizesocial.com , great article

I like your attitude. I hope your strategy works. All the best!!

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Very nice.......I'm sure it will help many people.


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Your new tool sounds interesting. Imagine, 500 profiles in a forum? Cool!

Why you did not mention the name of software, so that we can find information about that.

What a fantastic roundup! I have always been a huge fan of No. 1Web Design and I find your style of writing to be absolutely harmonious. Keep up the amazing topics; I look forward to checking these out in the near future//

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the software maybe is xrumer. I have it but never tought to sell generated profiles. Can be a good business, i see...

Nice post, good job!

Is that even possible? 500 profiles in a forum? Sounds a bit like spam, though. Hmm.. But that can be a good technique to gain lots of traffic, if properly executed. Is it available for PPC too? What software is it?

I Like to this post is great and It is very informative content about marketing way.thanks for sharing and keep it up.

nice to see your post!

This seems like a great deal, one which I may implement at my managed it services company in nyc, where I offer clients computer support plan options by highlighting the importance of website maintenance, software upgrade management, and proper it maintenance plans.
--Emil Isanov, Etech 7, Inc.

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