Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New piece of software - The Forum Register

I have just finished working on my new tool - The Forum Register.

Really it's a forum register - list of 5000 working PHPbb forums, and a forum registerer - tool that automatically sings up to those 5000 forums.

As you know - registering on a PHPbb forum gives you a backlink - like this one. It's a legitimate, decent backlink.

So... what would YOU say for getting 500 forum profiles with a link pointing to your site, for a mere 99$?

As you probably noticed I'm not that kind of internet marketer that would write a 10-pages sales letter, with "user testimonials", and so on. I just wrote a brilliant piece of code ;-) and want to offer u a fair deal. 500 profiles on forums and a tool to change "my website's url" on those profiles anytime you want. Of course if you want I can give you more profiles, but as it takes some time to type captchas by my captchaman, I prefer to sell it in 500-blocks (so more ppl can enjoy it ;-))

interested? just write me an email to kayakto - @ - gmail.com

note: It's not really spamming - I'm not talking about spamming those forums - I'm talking about registering there - not posting anything, only registering.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Disclaimer: what is this blog about

I'm a backlink collector. Just as some people collect postcards, old maps, or anything else - I collect backlinks pointing to this blog.

My goal is to get a backlink from every possible top level domain. On the bottom of the page you can see a list of those already collected, and those yet to be collected :-)

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Backlinkf from .au

.au - hmmm... Australia i guess? ;-0

check it out: bleedingedge.com.au

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Backlinkf from .at

love this place - Austria, snowboard...

check it out: univie.ac.at

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Backlinkf from .as

.as thank u

check it out: asturi.as

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Backlinkf from .ar

nothing special - just a profile backlink

check it out: fabio.com.ar

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Backlinkf from .ao

XSS is my hobby ;-)

check it out: bci.ao

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Backlinkf from .an

hoped not to have to do it again...

check it out: cbs.an

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Backlinkf from .am

Armenia shows some love

check it out: sirt.am

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Backlink from .al

.al - like... Albania?

check it out: abissnet.com.al

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The deal:

I had a dream... that my blog has backlinks from all possible top-level domains...

Collected baclinks

Not yet...

.aq, .aw, .ax, .az, .ba, .bb, .bd, .be, .bf, .bg, .bh, .bi, .bj, .bm, .bn, .bo, .br, .bs, .bt, .bv, .bw, .by, .bz, .ca, .cc, .cd, .cf, .cg, .ch, .ci, .ck, .cl, .cm, .cn, .co, .cr, .cu, .cv, .cx, .cy, .cz, .de, .dj, .dk, .dm, .do, .dz, .ec, .ee, .eg, .er, .es, .et, .eu, .fi, .fj, .fk, .fm, .fo, .fr, .ga, .gb, .gd, .ge, .gf, .gg, .gh, .gi, .gl, .gm, .gn, .gp, .gq, .gr, .gs, .gt, .gu, .gy, .hk, .hm, .hn, .hr, .ht, .hu, .id, .ie, .il, .im, .in, .io, .iq, .ir, .is, .it, .je, .jm, .jo, .jp, .ke, .kg, .kh, .ki, .km, .kn, .kr, .kw, .ky, .kz, .la, .lb, .lc, .li, .lk, .lr, .ls, .lt, .lu, .lv, .ly, .ma, .mc, .md, .mg, .mh, .mk, .ml, .mm, .mn, .mo, .mp, .mq, .mr, .ms, .mt, .mu, .mv, .mw, .mx, .my, .mz, .na, .nc, .ne, .nf, .ng, .ni, .nl, .no, .np, .nr, .nu, .nz, .om, .pa, .pe, .pf, .pg, .ph, .pk, .pl, .pm, .pn, .pr, .ps, .pt, .pw, .py, .qa, .re, .ro, .ru, .rw, .sa, .sb, .sc, .sd, .se, .sg, .sh, .si, .sj, .sk, .sl, .sm, .sn, .so, .sr, .st, .su, .sv, .sy, .sz, .tc, .td, .tf, .tg, .th, .tj, .tk, .tl, .tm, .tn, .to, .tp, .tr, .tt, .tv, .tw, .tz, .ua, .ug, .uk, .um, .us, .uy, .uz, .va, .vc, .ve, .vg, .vi, .vn, .vu, .wf, .ws, .ye, .yt, .yu, .za, .zm, .zw